Our Purpose

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Our goal is to provide the best treatment options available in the Cupertino, CA area that are unique to all individuals. We also emphasize in clear communications between our staff and our patients, thereby creating an environment that is comfortable for all of our patients to receive treatments.


General Dentistry

We not only assess the current oral condition, but we also review with our patients how we can improve our oral health.


Whitening, dental veneers and all ceramic crowns are included in this treatment.


By using composite resins, we can restore the old amalgam fillings to a more natural and esthetic finish.


Dental implants are treatment using an artificial titanium alloys to restore the functions of lost teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

There are many differences between primary and permanent dentition. We strongly emphasize early treatment, prevention and variety of home care counseling to the parents.

Second Opinion

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us.


Initial Visit

We first review the medical history to make sure that the patients are healthy enough to receive dental treatments. We also review the current oral hygiene of patients. After taking the necessary x-rays and periodontal probing depths, we present the treatment plan to the patient. After discussing the different treatment options, we finalize on what would work best for the patient. We strongly emphasize on the clear communication at this point so that patients are comfortable with proceeding to the treatment.


During the treatment, we explain in detail of what is going to happen. Thereby relieving patients of any anxiety about the uncertainty of what will happen during the treatment. We also give details if any possible post operative complications might be present.


After all the treatments are done, we advise patients to be placed on the maintenance program. At the recall visit, we explain about how patients can take better care of their oral hygiene. By having patients understand how dental complications can occur, they can take better care of their oral conditions.


We accept various insurances. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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