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Dental Implants in Cupertino, CA

Missing teeth can prevent you from smiling confidently. At Morita Dental in Cupertino, California, Kohei Morita, DDS, and his team use dental implants to give you the beautiful smile and full set of teeth you’ve dreamed of. Call the Morita Dental office or book an appointment online to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial, titanium tooth roots implanted into your jawbone to support dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dental implants replace missing permanent teeth to offer you the beautiful smile of your dreams. If you already have dental implants, Morita Dental offers implant restorations.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Some of the many benefits you can experience after getting dental implants include:

  • No more missing teeth
  • An aesthetically pleasing smile
  • Easier chewing
  • Clearer speech 
  • More self-confidence

If you have missing or severely decayed teeth, dental implants improve the appearance and function of teeth so you can smile confidently without feeling embarrassed.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

To find out if dental implants or implant restorations are right for you, the Morita Dental team reviews your oral health history, examines your teeth, and takes dental X-rays to ensure your jaw bone is sturdy enough to support implants. If it’s not, they might recommend you undergo bone grafting prior to receiving dental implants.

What Happens When Getting Dental Implants?

During a dental implant procedure, which is a minor surgical procedure, your dental provider inserts titanium posts into your jaw bone and allows the implants to heal before moving to the next step in the process.

At your next appointment, they attach abutments to implant posts and take molds or digital scans of your mouth. At a dental lab, technicians make your new custom-made artificial teeth.

When your crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures are ready, dental experts attach them to the implants to give you a full set of natural-looking teeth and a beautiful smile.

How Should I Care for Dental Implants?

To properly care for dental implants, brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss every day, and avoid chewing on hard objects. See the Morita Dental team every six months for routine dental cleanings and exams, and call the office if your implants get damaged. 

Don’t let missing permanent teeth ruin your self-confidence and overall quality of life. Schedule a dental implant or implant restoration consultation by phone or online with Morita Dental today.

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