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定期歯科検診で深刻な状態になる前に口腔内の問題を見つけたり、予防をしましょう。 6か月毎の歯科検診の時期ではありませんか、どうぞ森田デンタルまでお電話・オンラインでご連絡を下さい。 Routine dental exams help Kohei Morita, DDS, and his team at Morita Dental in Cupertino, California, detect oral health problems or prevent them before serious complications arise. If you or your child is due for a six-month dental exam, you can trust Morita Dental to provide premium care. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online to be proactive about your oral health and maintain a beautiful smile.

Dental Exams(定期健診について)Q&A


検診は、虫歯や歯茎の病気や歯周病その他の歯の異常を酷くなる前にいち早く発見する為に、とても大切です。 歯と歯茎を健康で最適な状態に保つ為に、6ヶ月毎、若しくはそれよりも短い期間に森田デンタルで検診をお受けになる事をお勧めします。


森田デンタルに検診でいらっしゃると、まず親切なスタッフが対応致します。 その後、診察室で座り心地の良い診察台で寛いで頂きながら、スタッフが患者様の歯の治療履歴等に関して質問をさせて頂きます。 その際に、患者様の歯の痛みなど、心配事もあればお聞きします。

そして、当院の熟練した衛生士が Waterpik® 等を使って患者様の歯を磨いてフロスをします。 また、レントゲンを撮る事に寄って、肉眼では見えない症状も把握します。 検診後、必要があれば、森田デンタルのスタッフが患者様に合った治療法をご説明します。






虫歯になりかけた歯や小さい傷や少し歯が欠けてしまった時には、患者様の歯の色にあった充填剤を使い充填治療をします。 この治療は日々の生活に支障をきたしません。













歯の健康を疎かにせず、些細な問題を大きくしない為にも、今すぐ森田デンタルにお電話下さい。 ご予約はオンラインでも承ります

What are dental exams?

Dental exams consist of comprehensive oral health examinations the Morita Dental team completes to detect cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems early before they become serious. To achieve or maintain optimal dental health, schedule dental exams every six months or more often recommended by your Morita Dental provider.

What happens during dental exams?

When you arrive at Morita Dental for a dental exam, you’re greeted by friendly, welcoming staff. You sit in a comfortable dental chair while the team reviews your oral health history and asks questions about symptoms you may have. 

The dental professionals clean and floss your teeth using specialized dental instruments, such as Waterpik®, and they take X-rays to detect potential oral health issues. Your Morita Dental provider recommends treatment when necessary to repair teeth or reduce the risk of oral health problems. 

Are dental treatments right for me?

Based on the results of your dental exam, the team at Morita Dental might recommend one of the following treatments:

Preventive treatments

In addition to thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gum line, your provider might recommend you or your child receive fluoride treatments or sealants to help prevent tooth decay.


Tooth-colored fillings can repair teeth with minor tooth damage or decay, and they blend in perfectly with your natural tooth color. Getting a filling is a noninvasive procedure without any downtime.

Root canals

During a root canal, your dental team cleans out the inside of an infected or severely decayed tooth and restores it to prevent serious complications, including tooth loss.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges can attach to dental implants to replace missing teeth or fit over your natural teeth to improve their function and appearance.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial, titanium tooth roots the Morita Dental team implants into your jawbone to support artificial teeth if you have missing permanent teeth.


Removable or implant-supported dentures replace some or all missing permanent teeth to restore your smile and self-confidence.


Veneers fit over the front part of natural teeth to improve their color, shape, and overall appearance. Veneers are helpful if your teeth are chipped, misshapen, discolored, too small, or have other imperfections. 


Invisalign clear aligners are a noninvasive orthodontic treatment that straightens crooked teeth or corrects a misaligned bite to improve the appearance and function of your smile.

Don’t neglect your oral health and let minor dental issues turn into serious problems. Schedule a dental exam with Morita Dental over the phone or book one online today.